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Just Grow It Yourself: Home Gardens Outshine Industrial Food (Paperback)

Just Grow It Yourself: Home Gardens Outshine Industrial Food Cover Image
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How do you feel about industrial food?

Is it okay that your grocery store produce has grown an average of 1,500 miles away and is two weeks old by the time it gets to you?

Do you care deeply about fresh, safe, nutritious, and sustainably produced food?

Are you unhappy that 60% of us are overweight, 40% are obese, and nearly 50% are either diabetic or pre-diabetic?

From taste and nutrition to cost, safety, and yield, Just Grow It Yourself contrasts home and industrial food production face to face. Its startling conclusion: pound for pound of production, those gardens are vastly more efficient than the industrial food system and offer far superior health, economic, social, and ecological outcomes.

The book then proposes a new, three-tiered system, anchored in home and community gardens and sustainably backed by local and distantly sourced food. It further contends that this redesigned system has much greater potential for alleviating food insecurity than the current industrial system.

Most encouraging is the message that home gardens will help re-connect us to ourselves, one another, and nature in a way that all of us can creatively relate to on the most personal level: growing and consuming some to most of our food."


"The subtitle of this book says it all: Home Gardens Outshine Industrial Food As Big Ag and Big Food unite to bring us toxic food that wrecks our immune systems, this book shows us the only way back to health The solution is actually right in our own hands, will mitigate climate change by reducing demand for industrial food, and can even bring us real joy " --Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD, evolution biologist & futurist, author of Gaia's Dance

Product Details
ISBN: 9781637926901
ISBN-10: 1637926901
Publisher: Beyond Publishing
Publication Date: July 21st, 2021
Pages: 206
Language: English