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Talk about Design (Paperback)

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This comprehensive work demystifies the concepts behind contemporary design, fascinating readers with its accessible text and striking photographs, and covers everything from the iPod to the humble razor. This irresistible guide breaks down the seemingly complex field of contemporary design into nine highly readable and engaging chapters that cover the styles, products, and personalities that have influenced and defined the design trends of today. Starting with the basics in "What is design?" and defining the leading trends of each decade since the 1920s, introducing thirty influential designers and their signature innovations, identifying different styles so that readers can explore their personal affinities, and including a glossary of design-related terms and jargon, this handbook imparts the essential information necessary to develop a well-rounded understanding of contemporary design. In an engaging and highly-readable journalistic style, the author demonstrates how thoroughly design pervades the world around us and improves the quality of daily life, from the growth of brands and logos such as Campbell's Soup and McDonald's to the more subtle design features in everyday objects such as Tupperware, the Bic pen, and the desk chair. The glossy, colorful format with lustrous photos that capture the glamour, boldness, and humor prevalent in design, renders this work a must-have guide to design.

About the Author

Elisabeth Couturier, journalist, art critic, and television producer, has contributed to "Paris Match" for over fifteen years, as well as specialist art magazines, including "Art Press." She is the radio presenter of a contemporary design program on France Culture."

Product Details
ISBN: 9782080301321
ISBN-10: 2080301322
Publisher: Flammarion-Pere Castor
Publication Date: March 30th, 2010
Pages: 255
Language: English